Caring for your old parents is a blessing. Being cared for or you’re the one caring for your family gives you serenity, happiness, and joy that you enjoy along with your loved ones.

Because of all of the struggles they endured throughout the long part of their lives. All they did this for the happiness and improvement of their families. And now at a certain point, they need rest.

Why Choose HOL

In Pakistan Lahore, HOL has been offering elderly care services for more than 20 years. And we have built a wise system for providing elderly care at home.

We provide total human-oriented care and support. Well-trained and professional nurses at your doorstep. We have a separate system of both males and females for gender support. A separate collaborative team for providing extra support. Currently we are providing home patient care services only in Lahore city.

Professional & Skilled Nurses

At HOL we have well-adapted specialized education and a rigorous training system. So, the nurses who are going to take care of you can perform at their peak and cater to their medical as well as non-medical problems.

Nurses For Both Male & Female Support

We also have elder acre services based on gender. If you think, male or female support suits you better then HOL will be your guide on that. We have both male and female nurses for addressing gender issues.

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    Human-Oriented Care & Support

    Not only our nurses are well trained but, they are also human-oriented as well. Because, at the end of the day, they are humans.

    Thus, they need a trustworthy friend to provide them psychological support in times of need. So, your loved ones don’t feel lonely when you’re out working for them.

    HOL Team & Family Collaboration

    Not only our nurses provide support to elders. But they are highly responsive. Talking to the family members, understanding the attendant’s situation plays a crucial role.

    Exceptionally, a separate team of HOL besides our nurse at your home will also be working and backing you up for proper elder care. So, you can rest easy.

    Services We Provide For Elders

    There is a various type of services Below is a checklist of elderly care services that HOL provides.

    • Daily Routine Monitoring & Activity Planning
    • Bathing, Toileting & Hygiene
    • Regular Medication Reminders
    • Assistance in Proper Diet & Feeding
    • Transferring & Positioning
    • Going Out For A Walk or Meeting Others

    Daily Routine Monitoring & Activity Planning

    Monitoring the daily routine is one big task. But, be assured our nurses are well educated regarding the daily routine schedule maintaining.

    Providing support and care based on medical expertise and creating daily activity planning charts for them.

    Analyzing their day-to-day life and seeing which tasks and ways are easy for them. Whether the activities are medical or non-medical.

    Proper Hygiene, Bathing & Toileting

    Proper hygiene and attending to their bathing needs play an important role in day-to-day activity. Proper hygiene on daily basis or at regular intervals gives them a boost and keeps them energetic and freshened up.

    Securing the elder’s dignity is extremely important. And our skilled nurses understand that how it may be very uncomfortable for the elders. When others are providing them support in bathing and toileting.

    That’s why in these cases our nurses take the extra step to show compassion so, they don’t feel down.

    Regular Medication Reminders

    In our DNA age, most adults and elderly people taking medicine on daily basis. Keeping up the daily routine of regular medicine dosage becomes a hectic job especially for the elders.

    Because in old age they do tend to forget about it. And their forgottenness can often lead to different medical complications or worse end up being hospitalized.

    Our skilled nurses will keep tabs on daily medication dosage and always advise and guide you when and which medicine to take at the right time.

    Along, with displaying detailed documentation and a full chart of the medication schedule. So, if needed they easily collaborate with the attendant’s doctor or physician.

    Assistance in Proper Diet & Feeding

    Keeping your diet up and properly set up is the sure way for a healthy and energetic life. Whether due to old age or due to any other medical condition.

    It becomes difficult for elder people to keep hold of and follow their regular diet plan. Not to mention the things they can eat or those they can’t eat.

    Our well-educated nurses are total experts when preparing the proper meal plan, especially for elders. So, they can eat without any concerns and spent a good diet, healthy daily life.

    Transferring & Positioning

    Elders due to their old age, become weaker and sluggish in movement. As well as the bones also become weakened. Many times it puts a lot of stress on their bodies. So, they are not able to move that swiftly or effectively.

    That why our nurses are trained in a special environment to provide assistance in these critical moments with care. They help them in moving here and there and if needed assist them in transferring from one place to another.

    Going Out For A Walk or Meeting Others

    No matter how much longer you live in a place. You do get bored and need some fresh air. And as for the elders, it’s more of agitating. Because time to time they need fresh air or an outdoor adventure to calm down.

    Meeting their friends, relatives is a sure way to boost their energy levels, put smiles on their faces and help them live their lives to the fullest.

    If You Need Assistance

    So, if you need assistance in elderly care at home. You don’t need to hold yourself up. Below are ways to reach us to assist you in your loved one’s care in your own home.

    Form or Email

    You can fill up the contact form in order to get to us or you can simply email us at our given email address. Our email is

    Call or WhatsApp

    On further if you want immediate support and information then you call us or Whatsapp us on the given phone numbers. You can call us at +92 311 1333223 and Whatsapp us on +92340 8400145.

    Have A Live Chat

    Finally, the faster way to reach our experts is our online chat support on our website at There is a “Chat with us” icon on the bottom right side. Click and talk to our experts about the support or information need.