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Have you ever been through vaginal discomfort, itching and pain with unusual vaginal discharge slowly leading to vaginal bleeding between periods with unbearable pelvic pain and situation getting worse even?  What could it be? What would be the reason? How could it be treated? Have you ever discussed it with anyone or always felt shy or embarrassed?

Being a female you know the importance of your cervix (entrance of uterus from vagina)but you have never managed to think about importance of its health condition. Due to this minute reason 528,000 women are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and 266,000 die every year.


“Prevention and Early Detection can Save Lives.”

Cervical Cancer develops in the cervix primarily due to infection with high-risk Human Papillomaviruses (HPV). It is the most occurring viral infection of reproductive tract that could by transmitted sexually. Or due to long-term use of birth control pills. Smoking plays an aggravating role in its spread.

Cervical Cancer does not show early symptoms. But if left untreated; you may witness:

  • Severe pelvic pain
  • Increased and abnormal vaginal discharge (with change in texture, color and smell)
  • Irregular bleeding ( eg. Between periods or after sexual intercourse) (not in every case)
  • Post menopausal spotting or bleeding
  • More severe symptoms may arise at advanced stage

In any of these cases it’s better to visit your gynecologist.

Doctors may commonly use two different tests to diagnose and prevent Cervical Cancer- Pap Smear Test (pre-cancer) and HPV Scanning Test.

You can prevent yourself from getting it IF you get your first Pap test at age 21. If your test result is normal, you may rest for three years for your next test.

If you’re 30 years old or older, you have three options—

  • You can continue getting a Pap test only. If your test result is normal, you can wait three years for your next test.
  • You can get an HPV test only. If your test result is normal, you can wait five years for your next test.
  • You can get both an HPV and Pap test together. If your test results are normal, you can wait five years for your next tests.

HPV Vaccine is used all over the world at the age of adolescence to prevent Cervical Cancer.

But before getting into medical stuff you need to work on your own hygiene by:

  • Keeping your vaginal area clean.
  • Wearing washed and clean under garments
  • Maintaining good sexual hygiene after sexual intercourse
  • Using vaginal washes and vaginal ovules or peccaries (in case of vaginal infection)

We can help you through it by suggesting you some products helpful for your vaginal health maintenance.