Corporate Wellness Week 2020

This week emphasis the need how we spent our quality time at work. If you are a corporate employee, chances are that you eat nearly half of your daily meals and snacks at work, and most importantly your physical activity is low.

So it is the core responsibility of HR that supports our wellness, just because of the fact we spend most of our time at our workplaces. Wellness of an employee does not even affect official environment but also affect productivity of the employee. Corporate wellness at our workplace is basically a tool for corporate transformation.

To transform the culture of the organization by making it more fulfilling, it is imperative for organizations to create a more holistic view towards employees’ wellbeing.

Study shows that organizations with highly effective health and productivity programs report higher revenue per employee, few days absent per employee per year and greater shareholder returns.

By hosting regular wellness workshops and wellness sessions, organizations can benefit largely as it shows the employees that you care about their health and well being, which leads to improved morale and high performance.