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How to maintain healthy parenting during COVID-19 pandemic

This blog focus on COVID-19 pandemic with your kids and helping your whole family cope during these uncertain times.

There are few tips and resources for parents which can help in healthy parenting during COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Talk with children about this virus
  • Stay calm
  • Make time to listen to your children
  • Maintain your children routine
  • Keep children busy

Following are few tricks that help in parenting a child.

  • Always use positive words when telling your child what to do.
  • Yelling at your child will eventually build up anger and aggressiveness in you and your child personality.
  • Always appreciate your child when they do something good.
  • Be open and listen to your children. Accept how they feel and give them comfort.
  • Try to teach your child through play something that can be fun for kids.
  • Managing stress is one of the biggest problems these days. Take time for yourself.
  • Last but not the least takes care of yourself. You can take good care of your children when you are relaxed and stress free.