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Diet Excel Slimming Tea 1x20s

Product Name : Diet Excel Slimming Tea 1x20s Product Form : Tea Bags Pack Size : 1x20s Description : Diet Excel is 100% natural, herbal beverage with no preservatives or artificial colors. Diet Excel Tea is made by carefully selected Chinese & Asian traditional formula. Taken regularly, nourishes and accelerates internal cleansing of body. Cleanses and removes toxin. Improves metabolism and absorption of nutrients. Balances Endocrine system, improves circulation, and enhances immunity. Eliminates fat storage and water retention. Promotes overall health while controlling weight problems Diet Excel helps to accelerate thermogenesis or fat burning process in the body to help get rid of stubborn bulges. It can prevent cancer in the large intestine. Diet Excel is Suitable for both male and female. It contains many kinds of vitamins, food fibers, mineral substances and microelements.