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The world is celebrating the no diet day


International no diet day was the first time celebrated by a British feminist Mary Evans in 1992 as a direct response of all the bullying she faced throughout her life. The body-shaming,fat-shaming, and body image issues were replaced by “body acceptance”. Take a day off from your diet plan and appreciate your own body. International No Diet Day aims to end fat-shaming and weight discrimination.


  1. Dieting doesn’t always work

Nutritionists report people who typically complete weight loss programs lose 10% of their body weight, only to gain two-thirds of it back within a year. They tend to gain almost all of it back within five years.

  1. Our bodies know what we need

By stepping away from diets for a day, we can allow our bodies to take the wheel and listen closely to what they tell us. Our bodies were made to sustain us — they know best.

  1. Diets are distracting

International no diet day tells you that your body is beautiful the way it actually is .the shape and size are just perfect. Stop your efforts to shed the body fat and look at your perfect self. The natural, raw, and organic being. Worry less about your body goals and take a breathe full of happiness and joy.

Practically saying, this day ensures that you stop having the unrealistic and toxic practices of losing weight rapidly. Keep your body healthy. Stop causing self-harm in search of a “so perfect body”.

How to celebrate the INTERNATIONAL NO DIET DAY?

We recommend you to celebrate the day as the day of your pure self. Do what you want to do and eat what you want to eat.

  • Tell your fatphobia that you are literally stronger than your own fears.
  • Know the inefficiency of “diet fit for all”
  • Declare this as your cheat day
  • Accept the body diversity
  • Cancel the idea of “one right body”
  • Compliment every individual around you and let them appreciate their self
  • Stop counting the calories of your food eat what your body wants- after all it is your cheat day.
  • Embrace your uniqueness and intrinsic qualities.
  • Be creative and cook what you have always wanted but never literally could.
  • Utilize your quarantine effectively.