World Toothache Day | Tips For Better Dental Health

Toothache Day is a not just a reminder of dental health care. Toothache also known as odontalgia is pain generating from a tooth or multiple teeth.

A toothache is miserable, making it difficult to perform daily routine tasks including eating, sleeping, or even talking. Toothaches are never pleasant and not meant to be celebrated any day.


Toothaches are alarming problems causing anxiety along with other dental issues. Maintaining healthy dental routine care is important. Home remedies are also helpful for this purpose. But avoid toothache at all costs.

  • Schedule a routine dental appointment with your dentist
  • Restock the dental floss for regular routine dental care.
  • Plan and adopt good dental habits with your children.
  • Avoid tooth deteriorating stuff including candies, chocolates, sodas or any acidic drink. And replace them with healthy fruits and vegetables.
  • Use a post on social media for dental health awareness.
  • Make a habit of daily brushing and flossing two times a day.

You can still develop cavities, have accidents that break or chip at a tooth, or find yourself catching with tooth or gum infection. But keeping a healthy dental routine can lessen the pain and intensity of infection.